There are millions of pedestrians near the roads and streets in the greater Chicago area on any given day. Although many drivers take precautions to make sure that they do not endanger these pedestrians, not all drivers operate their vehicles with the highest level of care. This fact was on full display in a recent tragic accident.

According to the reports, a 50-year-old pedestrian who was walking on the northwest side of Chicago in the Cragin neighborhood was struck by a red Volkswagen. The man died at the scene as a result. To make matters worse, the red Volkswagen was driven away from the scene, and now law enforcement officials are on the hunt for this reckless driver.

Fortunately, the reports indicate that law enforcement officials have multiple surveillance photos of the vehicle in question. Hopefully, that will allow officials to locate and detain this driver. If that does occur, a criminal case is all but assured. However, the driver will likely be facing a potential civil lawsuit as well. If such a lawsuit is successful, the driver could be ordered to pay financial compensation to the victim’s remaining family members.

Tragic collisions like this are all too common in a major city like Chicago and the surrounding metropolitan area. These incidents can change lives forever – and end lives, in the worst-case scenarios. Anyone who has been injured in such an incident or who has lost a family member in a pedestrian-vehicle collision may want to investigate the potential legal options that may be available to pursue. This information could be used to help protect one’s rights and interests.

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