Some of our readers in the Chicago area may think that proving a personal injury claim based on a truck accident is just the same as a car accident case. However, this is not entirely accurate. Truck accidents, particularly those involving large trucks such as semis, can be quite a bit more complicated than car accident cases that involve two passenger vehicles, for example.

Anyone who has been involved in a truck accident can probably appreciate the unique danger that these vehicles present to others on the road. Although the vast majority of truck drivers are specially trained to handle these large vehicles, that special training doesn’t prevent truck accidents from happening. A truck driver may be drowsy due to logging long hours making deliveries, or the truck driver could be driving a vehicle that is unsafe due to an unsecured or overly heavy load.

When truck accidents do occur, the results are typically devastating for the victims who are injured. These victims can suffer such severe injuries that their lives are changed forever, thus necessitating the pursuit of financial compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.

To prove the claim, a victim must establish that the truck driver owed a duty to other people on the road. This can be the easy part of the case, as it is quite obvious that a person driving any type of vehicle must do so in a safe and alert manner. The hard part of the case can be proving the that truck driver breached that duty and that the breach in question led directly to the injuries that the victim suffered in the crash. Thus, it is important for truck accident victims to understand their situation and how best to protect their rights and move forward with a civil action.

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