Illinois is a diverse area when it comes to traffic patterns. Much of the state is rural and primarily consists of small towns, but some areas of the state are home to larger cities where main thoroughfares can become congested during certain hours of the day. Driver error and vehicle malfunctions do occur and cause accidents, but the most dangerous of all highway factors resulting in collisions are largely done purposely by drivers who are in a rush and have little concern for other motorists.


According to the National Safety Council, excessive speeds on U.S. highways is a primary factor in over 30% of all motor vehicle accidents. Although all highways have established speeds in accordance with what the state DOT agencies considers safe, the art of driving is often staying in flow with the traffic. This is especially true in congested driving situations. The result then is often significant speeding.

Lane changes without giving a signal

One of the keys to being safe on the road is the proper use of movement indicator signals. The problem on the road is that too many drivers commonly weave in and out of traffic by changing lanes and never use a signal in the process. This activity not only happens with standard passenger vehicles and commercial trucks, but also with motorcyclists who constantly navigate traffic in a random manner.

Following too closely behind a frontal vehicle

Another very serious problem that can result in car accidents is following a vehicle too closely. This is the typical scenario in a traffic jam, and not just the decision of an unconcerned and reckless driver. It is always a good driving decision to follow an extra car length or two whenever possible in heavy traffic.

The best method of staying out of any auto accident is practicing defensive driving. Defensive driving consists of a series of basic safety rules that drivers follow when on the road, and it has proven to be a solid approach to reducing auto accidents on Illinois highways.


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