Working at a construction site could be a physically intensive experience. The toll on the human body may be more severe than even experienced workers realize. Lifting, carrying, and hauling things around an Illinois site might lead to repetitive motion injuries. Or, one unforeseen mishap could cause an unexpected mishap that results in an emergency room trip. Sadly, injuries aren’t easily avoidable, and they are sometimes fatal.

Fatalities at construction sites

Anyone wondering how dangerous a construction job can be should look at the 2019 fatal injury statistics. The National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries reveals that 2019 saw 1,061 construction workers lose their lives. Worse, the figure represents an increase from the previous year of 5 percent. 2019 data also shows that construction work has the highest death toll of any industry sector.

Several causes list as reasons why worksite fatalities happen. Not surprisingly, falls are among them. A fall from a ladder or an unfinished 10th floor could result in death. So might a slip-and-fall accident on ground level. Such a fall may result in a skull fracture.

The dangers at construction sites

There are so many deadly construction injuries due to the numerous hazards. Working from heights or near live electrical wires jeopardizes people’s lives. Even high-quality training and the best safety equipment doesn’t always prevent disasters.

Shockingly, homicide appears on the list of reasons why construction workers lose their lives. Those engaged in horseplay on the job might not realize their behavior is risky. Outright workplace violence from a disgruntled employee leads to tragic consequences.

If negligence caused someone’s death, eligible survivors could file a wrongful death suit. Any compensation received from a successful legal action might cover financial troubles after a loved one’s passing.

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