Construction sites may have many workers and contractors performing a lot of duties. Some work comes with risks as working from heights or operating power tools could end in a troubling mishap. Construction workers performing duties at an Illinois job site may need to stay alert to common hazards. Always being aware of the dangers may help someone avoid a horrible accident.

The common injuries construction workers face

Falls could happen anywhere, and, sadly, a construction site fall may result in someone’s death. Persons working on ladders or scaffolds may slip and fall many feet to an unavoidable catastrophe. Falls on the ground level may result in severe harm, and there could be many items that present trip hazards on the floor. An extension cord or a forgotten tool may cause someone to trip and get hurt.

Falling objects could hurt someone. A hammer that slips out of someone’s hands and falls dozens of feet to the ground may hit another worker. Such an accident could result in death.

Workers may get hit by a colleague carrying lumber or another object. Obscured vision and various distractions may lead to these scenarios. And don’t overlook the dangers of vehicles and forklifts at a construction site. Anyone hit by a moving vehicle could suffer career-ending injuries.

Further risks at a construction site

Electrical wires provide power to many tools and contribute to construction injuries. The tools could cause punctures and lacerations, but don’t dismiss the dangers the electricity presents. Workers directly involved with running or pulling wires at the site may consistently face risks. Electricity could also cause a fire, potentially causing other injuries.

Employees hurt at a construction site may find a civil lawsuit or a workers’ compensation claim worth pursuing. Injuries may lead to financial losses, and options for compensation could protect someone’s economic well-being.


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