Construction workers in Illinois perform difficult, demanding jobs and regularly face a variety of risks. These are the most common types of injuries that they can sustain on the job.


Falls are the number one accident risk to construction workers. They make up around 35% of all accidents resulting in construction injuries. A worker can fall from a ladder, scaffolding or roof and suffer injuries of varying severity depending on the height from the fall. Injuries can be prevented if there are safety nets in place.

Slips, trips and falls

Slips, trips and falls are accidents that normally occur when a construction worker is on a ground-level surface. They often happen when objects are in the way or when wires or extension cords are in the walking path. These accidents commonly result in injuries.

Being struck by something

Vehicle accidents and other accidents that involve objects striking workers commonly result in serious injuries. Construction workers can even be killed depending on the impact. It’s possible to suffer being crushed by a heavy vehicle or a falling heavy object.


Construction workers often deal with heavy machinery and work around power sources. If an accident involving these items occurs, workers can suffer from electrocution injuries. These injuries are often preventable when safety measures and warnings are implemented by employers. Personal protective equipment (PPE) and proper training to work with sources of electricity can also prevent these construction injuries.

Being caught between objects

Being caught between objects is one of the deadliest construction accidents. A worker can suffer amputations, get crushed or can even be killed depending on the situation. These accidents usually happen when workers place themselves between heavy machinery and something immovable such as a wall. Being extra alert could prevent these accidents.


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