Employees could get hurt at any job site, regardless of their profession. Remember, catching the flu could leave someone so sick they might miss work for two weeks. And anyone can trip over any object, resulting in potential injuries. That said, some occupations are far more dangerous than others. Persons involved in construction likely know this to be true since they face a variety of occupational hazards.

Occupational hazards and construction workers

The point mentioned above about slip-and-fall risks applies to construction workers. These employees find themselves walking around many objects, including crates and extension cords, which they may fall over.

And then there’s the risk of getting hit by a falling object. A tool dropped from enough height may inflict fatal injuries, a scenario highlighting the dangers construction workers face.

Burns, electrocution, vehicle accidents, and exposure to the elements are other hazards common to construction sites. Mercifully, many workers avoid accidents, but they might still suffer for their occupation. Years of lifting and carrying things could leave a worker with back problems. Repetitive motion injuries may harm the shoulders, wrists and more.

Injuries and consequences

The severity of construction injuries will vary from worker to worker. Yet, even those with seemingly minor problems might experience trouble performing routine tasks. Those missing only a week’s worth of work may experience stressful financial troubles when every dollar counts.

And then some suffer permanent injuries. Their lives could be upended completely. Families may become devastated when a construction accident costs a loved one their life.

A workplace injury scenario could support a lawsuit against negligent employers or third parties. A lawsuit settlement may provide compensation to deal with pain, suffering and lost income.

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