For workplaces in Illinois, digital distraction is becoming an increasingly dangerous problem. Workers in an industrial setting can’t afford to lose sight of the heavy equipment, tools and machines around them, and these sites are at considerable risk for accidents even before considering the role of phones.

Industrial accident risk

Construction is an industry that, under the best circumstances, works smoothly and efficiently but inherently entails a risk of injury and accident due to the equipment on-site. These sites require constant attention in order to ensure that the workers stay safe and out of each other’s way. Just as in other kinds of jobs, such as driving, the rise of social media and smartphones has elevated the risks of incidents because people are easily distracted by their devices.

Construction accidents can be extremely dangerous and pose a serious threat to the health and lives of workers. While every incident is unique, industrial workplaces are fast-moving environments with heavy gear that can move in unpredictable ways. As a result, there may not be much time to react to a dangerous moment. A person who is distracted by his or her phone can make a mistake operating something or may be unable to react in time to an accident or problem that affects him or her. Even under the best circumstances, it takes a lot of awareness and quick thinking to minimize danger in an industrial workplace.

Even as construction sites have gotten more automated and complex, the presence of smartphones has meant that workers are at higher risk for dangerous accidents if they do not pay close attention to what is happening around them.

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