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Our Success

Wise Law Offices LLC is committed to helping our clients to secure just compensation when they or a member of their family have been wrongfully or negligently harmed by medical care, a product or an accident. We take pride in handling each case to meet the unique needs of our clients and the unique circumstances of their injury and loss. In some cases we have secured multimillion-dollar verdicts, awards or settlements. Many other of our cases involve smaller amounts of compensation, but we give to them every bit of the same care, attention and creativity. In cases large and small, our lawyers in their collective careers have secured more than $1 Billion through verdicts and settlements in just compensation for our clients.

Featured Cases


$90 Million – Wise Law Wins Highest Contested Liability Personal Injury Settlement for one person in Illinois History

Largest reported personal injury settlement of a contested liability case in Illinois history…


$35 Million Settlement For Brain Injury At Birth

We represented the mother of a 5-year-old boy who suffered a severe brain injury during birth. The child’s injuries were sustained as doctors performed an…


$32 Million Settlement For Quadruple Amputation Due To Delayed Diagnosis

We represented the mother of a Chicago girl who, at age 8, was taken to the hospital with a fever and pain in her right…


$17 Million Emergency Room Error Settlement

A male with a history of and a severe risk of developing bacterial endocarditis went to the University of Chicago Medical Center complaining of severe…


$9.4Million Settlement Ends Wisconsin Birth Injury Case

The family of a child born with severe brain injuries has settled their Winnebago County case for $9.4 million.

A settlement agreement was reached one week before a May 28 scheduled trial date. The case was dismissed Thursday by Associate Judge Donna R. Honzel, according to one of the plaintiff’s attorneys of Wise Law LLC.


$5 Million Settlement For Brain Injury From Gastric Bypass Surgery

We were lead counsel representing the guardian of a 47-year-old woman who developed extensive bleeding and clotting and digestive tract trauma following gastric bypass surgery….